Who are we?

Starsky Kayaking is a family run business in the heart of South Africa, in Pietermaritzburg. Owned by an adventurous father, Richard Starr and his 2 sons, Murray and Dustin Starr. 

Richard Starr completed his 39th Dusi Canoe Marathon in 2020. With much experience in the sport, Richard knows what’s best for every kayaker around the world, designing the most comfortable and durable products on the kayaking market. 

When it comes to planning the design of our products we don’t just look at how it would look on the customer, but aim to create a comfortable and convenient feel to each and every product that we manufacture. 

All of our products are manufactured locally and set to a high quality standard. We take our time to create an ever-lasting product that never disappoints. 

At Starsky Kayaking, we believe that our live interaction with our customers is the best way to communicate with one another and not just through generated messages. This way we can give honest opinions on our very own products that you wish to purchase from us. 


Starsky Kayaking Family :)